Video Clips Vs. Freeze-Frames In Video Analysis

Carlyn Coffey
Carlyn Coffey

November 17, 2021

Our memories aren’t always great. In fact, our memories have a bias that faultily paints past actions as better or worse performed than the reality. For teacher candidates, gathering evidence is important to experience real growth. Evidence, particularly video evidence, dispels our false memories and replaces them with truth. Armed with truth, we can make improvements to our current performance.

Gathering video-enhanced performance feedback to enhance teacher candidate performance can be a difficult and lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be! Video software that allows you to annotate and markup moments is imperative to efficient and effective video analysis.

In the following video, Tara Kaczorowski, Executive Director of Education Programs at Daemen College, relates her experiences with video-enhanced performance feedback and the aspects of video software tools that affect the difficulty of that process. One essential component to consider? How moments of interest are denoted on a video’s timeline within a software tool.

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“When I’m looking for the functions, I want to make sure that when I’m tagging moments in the video, I’m tagging video clips,” states Tara. “It’s not like a paused freeze-frame moment with a timestamp and a comment,” she continues, “this is actually selecting a moment from beginning to end that has duration; that’s telling a story".

Tara previously describes Vosaic as the only tool that helps to accomplish this.

What makes this capability indispensable? Capturing an entire moment from start to finish, instead of a marker in time or “freeze-frame,” allows everyone working with the video to know exactly what has been captured and annotated.

Moment on the Vosaic timeline

From Tara’s perspective,

“When I teach students how to reflect, I tell them that their reflection is a story that they want to tell me about their performance and that we’re…sharing in the story together”.

Vosaic specifically creates a visual timeline with the ability for users to create succinct moments that can then be played and rewatched over and over. Andrew Hashey, an Assistant Professor and researcher at Buffalo State College comments on his experience of Vosaic's timeline:

"...it does provide a nice visual for me to ascertain general trends in what students are noticing about a clip. Without looking at a group of learners' timelines collectively, such trends are harder to spot."

Finally, Tara reflects on when she’s used tools that are just paused moments with comments.

“The student just types things, I don’t know exactly what they want me to see at that moment. Is it the five seconds before that or two seconds after it?”

This feature, along with many others, plays directly into Vosaic’s prerogative: to provide both the best quality platform for teacher prep and the simplest user experience, simultaneously.

Dawn Teuscher, Associate Professor and researcher at Bringham Young University, puts it this way:

"(If I didn't have the ability to mark clips) ...the research could not be done. My students work in groups of three or four and they code their videos on their own. Then once they are finished I open up all the timelines so they can see where they overlap on their instances. ...I want to see if my students begin to see things similarly as we go through the semester. Is their definition of "probing student thinking" similar to mine, or are they still seeing it as different?"

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