Vosaic Introduces Easy Single Sign-On Setup with Security Assertion Markup Language

Carlyn Coffey
Carlyn Coffey

July 21, 2020

Vosaic, a company that provides a video-based coaching and teaching platform to school districts, colleges, and universities, released support for self-serve Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) configurations.

"Until now our customers worked with our support team to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with Vosaic. The self-serve SAML configuration feature allows our customers to easily enable SSO for their Vosaic account themselves. As always, if help is needed, our team is standing by to help," said Emir Plicanic, president of Vosaic.

With SSO support, schools and universities can easily grant access to Vosaic for their staff, faculty, and students. Since Vosaic has a free user tier, as soon as SSO is enabled everyone at that organization has free access to Vosaic's video annotations and analysis tools.

Vosaic customers pay only for users who have privileges to upload videos. Everyone else can use it for free. For example, an educator can upload a video and share it with any number of users at their organization, who can then securely sign in to Vosaic to watch, code, annotate, and analyze videos shared with them. With SSO enabled, educators don't have to manually add users to Vosaic before they can share videos with them. That step is automatically taken care of for them.

In addition to easy Vosaic access, SSO strengthens identity security with techniques such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

"We take security very seriously at Vosaic, and one of our goals with this release was to allow our customers to use secure authentication methods and Identity Providers (IdP) they already have in place when they access Vosaic," said Plicanic. "With our SSO support, Vosaic can be configured within Google Apps, Okta, OneLogin, or any other IdP that supports SAML, helping everyone easily sign in to Vosaic to upload videos, provide feedback, and conduct research."

In addition to self-serve SAML, this recent Vosaic update includes improvements to feedback forms and user and video management, as well as much improved mobile browser user experience. "At Vosaic, we've always supported mobile browsers, but with this latest release we improved the experience in a way that will allow our customers to have even better access to Vosaic's features," said Plicanic.

About Vosaic

Vosaic is a cloud-based company that provides easy-to-use video recording and analysis software for professional development, skills-based training, and research. We serve users in K-12, higher education, healthcare, and private sector institutions.

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