Upload, Code, and Transcribe Audio Files With Vosaic

Carlyn Coffey
Carlyn Coffey

March 02, 2022

At Vosaic, we understand that you work on a variety of amazing projects. Maybe your focus is on constant, intentional improvement. Maybe you strive to discover the next research breakthrough. Whatever it is, you deserve appropriate privacy settings to support your ventures.

The nature of video doesn’t make it easy, in every case, to meet the privacy standards of every project. That’s why we’ve incorporated the ability to upload audio files on our platform.

Upload video or audio

Currently, we support AAC, MP3, and M4A file formats. The best part? You can even transcribe the audio. Audio files generally have even higher sound quality than video recordings, making your next audio transcript completely optimized.

The process of uploading audio on our platform is the same as it’s always been with video. You don’t have to spend a second more learning new skills.

Audio Files With Vosaic

Levering audio recordings with Vosaic can transform research even further. It can be easy to forget or miss what took place in the moment. Vosaic’s simple-to-use software can help you easily uncover missed details.

Start coding audio files and marking them up easily! By pairing audio files with Vosaic’s tools, researchers and educators can mark clips of critical moments. This feature allows everyone working on a specific project to collaborate directly. Prepare highlighted clips with Vosaic’s visual timeline, making it easy to reference points of interest at any time.

If you don't have a Vosaic account for video analysis, automated transcription, and research, you can start with a free trial today.

About Vosaic

Vosaic is a cloud-based video and audio platform for teacher prep and research that helps bridge the gap between theory and practice. Observe, coach, mentor, and grade students using Vosaic’s online video coaching platform. As a researcher, use our timeline-based video coding features to collect and analyze data.

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Getting Started With Video Toolkit (PDF).

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  • Common Answers to Video Questions
  • Walkthrough Sample
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  • and more.
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