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Video Extremely Effective in Learning STEM

Ormiston Junior College (OJC), a co-educational state junior college in Auckland, New Zealand, has partnered with Vosaic to highlight and replicate highly effective STEM classroom culture. With the use of drones, artificial intelligence (AI), and now Vosaic, Nicholas Pattison,...

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Penn State College of Education Partners with Vosaic

LINCOLN, Neb., July 2, 2019 - Penn State College of Education has partnered with Vosaic to help special education teacher candidates create a direct link between methods coursework and student field experiences using video. "Our students use Vosaic's iPhone and iPad app to...

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Prevent Others From Editing Your Vosaic Forms

Thanks to your continued feedback, we've made more improvements to one of our most popular features: Vosaic Forms. Vosaic Forms allow you to create consistency in which feedback is provided throughout your organization while allowing each educator to personalize video feedback...

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Making the Most of ESSA Title II-A Funds

Administrators and teachers are constantly faced with different ways to improve their schools and deliver a better experience for their students. Resources for developing improvement programs, though, are often limited. Through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed by...

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