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How to Improve Teacher Professional Development

Current instructional techniques emphasize teacher/student collaboration. The giving and receiving of feedback is intended to help students truly interact with and master the material. Most would agree that student success is directly linked to the quality of instruction or in...

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Vosaic Introduces Automated Video Transcriptions

LINCOLN, NEB. (PRWEB) MAY 24, 2018 - Vosaic, a performance discovery company that provides video-based analysis and feedback tools to educators and researchers, released an automated video transcription feature designed to help researchers more efficiently get a head...

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Automatically Transcribe Videos with Vosaic

UPDATE:We improved the transcription feature to: include 10+ languages and dialects, let you find specific moments in videos by searching the transcript, let you edit transcriptions while watching videos, and download edited transcriptions as text, or VTT files. See the updated...

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How St. Columba Principal Uses Vosaic

St. Columba is a PreK-8 school with about 250 students. They have one section per grade level, fifteen teachers, three aides and a very limited but dedicated support staff. The principal at St. Columba must serve in all capacities ranging from counselor to C&I leader,...

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Download Vosaic Manual

Vosaic manual is now available in a PDF format. It includes high-level overviews and detailed step-by-step feature instructions. Here's a short excerpt:Before You Start, Ask Yourself... “What actions or behaviors will I be looking for in the video(s)?” This is one...


Monitoring your Mindset with Vosaic

Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? The truth may surprise you. Great educators spend their careers invested in the learning process and working to help every student receive the best opportunities. Having a growth mindset can aid in the effort to achieve these...

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