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Browse our blog to learn about latest Vosaic features, and how video observation, coaching, and analysis is used at K-12, higher education, and healthcare instituitions to improve teaching, learning, and safety.

Vosaic Security

We take security seriously at Vosaic. As we develop our cloud product, Vosaic, we continuously evaluate and improve it’s security. To keep your data safe, we’ve implemented several strategies. Strategy

Vosaic Product Updates

Manage Your Vosaic Connect Account

After registering your Vosaic account, you'll be able to manage it by clicking the drop-down link labeled with your name in the top-right corner of the interface. Completed Pages and Functions: Basic InformationChange PasswordPurchasesAboutLog

Vosaic Product Updates

Logging In and Resetting Your Password

The log in and reset password screens were some of the first UI screens we designed for Vosaic. Here's how they work: Login To log in, you simply: Enter your email, and passwordCheck the "Keep me logged in" box (optional)Select

Vosaic Product Updates