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Getting Started With Connect

NOTE: Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Please consider Vosaic Connect as a replacement. Read More.

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Welcome to Vosaic Connect!

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The following section contains short tutorials to get new users started with Vosaic Connect.

Signing up

  1. Registering for Connect

Adding Users and Groups

  1. Understanding Vosaic Connect User Roles
  2. Adding Individual Users to an Organization
  3. Import/Upload Multiple Users to an Organization
  4. Changing User Role
  5. Creating Groups
  6. Adding/Deleting Users from a Group

Adding, Marking, and Annotating Video

  1. Add New Video
  2. Edit Video Name and Date
  3. Deleting Video
  4. How Vosaic Connect Video Player Works
  5. Marking Up Pre-Recorded Video
  6. Adding Annotation To Existing Marked Moments
  7. Deleting Annotation From Marked Moments

Buttons and Forms

  1. Editing Buttons in the Video Player
  2. Editing Buttons in the Default Form
  3. Adding Buttons to the Default Form
  4. Creating a New Form
  5. Adding/Changing Forms To A Video

Sharing Video

  1. Share/Unshare Video with Individual Users
  2. Share/Unshare Video with Groups

Please visit our Getting Started with the Vosaic Connect App tutorial to get started using Vosaic Connect on an iPad.

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